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The aroma delivery revolution.

Our Mission

Preserving the quality of food products during processing and storage remains a major challenge for food industry. Especially the preservation of additive-free, natural food products is demanding due to their thermal and mechanical sensitivity during processing and the volatilty of contained aroma and flavor compounds.
The mission of microPow is to solve this problem using the additive-free, microstructured microPow delivery system for aromas and flavours allowing improved storability as well as enhanced and controlled release of contained active ingredients leading to cost-savings for manufacturers, improvements in the quality and enhanced shelf-life of the products.


microPow aroma powders are all-natural and don't rely on any additives or stabilizers added to the formulation during production.


microPow stabilizes contained aroma and flavour compounds and leads to consistent taste of food products during the whole shelf-life.


microPow amplifies the release of contained aromas and flavours. Less ingredient - same perception.


microPow encapsulates and protects aroma and flavour compounds from damage during production

Partners & supporters


Venture Kick: Stage II

January 09th 2019

The new year is only 9 days old, but microPow kicked 2019 off with a blast! We passed Venture Kick: Stage II in Lausanne yesterday. Thanks to the jury for numerous interesting questions and interest in our project - we are looking forward to pitching our progress at Stage III in 6 months!

SNF Bride: Proof-of-concept funding secured!

December 6th 2018

A small step for SNF, but one giant leap for microPow into 2019 and beyond. Having successfully acquired the SNF Bridge: Proof-of-concept funding, will allow us to scale our process and bring unrivalled flavours to your favourite foods in 2019 and beyond!

Kickstart Accelerator 2018: microPow collaborates with Mondelēz International and Coop!

October 24th 2018

The 2018 Kickstart Accelerator is already in the books and microPow is extremely proud to announce collaboration projects with Mondelēz International and Coop.

Mondelēz International and microPow are looking at opportunities to better preserve high-value ingredients in snacks to make their benefits fully available to consumers.

Coop and microPow are collaborating with the goal to bring enhanced, shelf-stable, natural microPow aromas into a variety of Coop food products.

microPow made it to the front page of Alimenta!

October 24th 2018

We feel extremely honored, that we could share our story and vision as part of this week's edition of Alimenta / and are looking forward to many exciting projects in food-industry. Exciting weeks ahead - stay tuned fore more!

Fresh from the press

October 12th 2018

Last week has been quite busy and we have been a featured project at ETH Industry relations and were introduced as one of the startups participating in the 2018 Kickstart Accelerator by the Swiss Entrepreneurs Magazine!

2018 Kickstart Accelerator: Opening ceremony

October 5th 2018

Kicking-off the 2018 Kickstart Accelerator with a blast! Great pitch by microPow co-founder Lea Pokorny, which was followed by many fruitful discussions during the apero. The aroma and flavour of food is clearly a highly relevant topic these days, and microPow is excited to bring even better tasting foods to you together with the 2018 Kickstart Accelerator partners. #letsmakeithappen!

microPow is in the 2018 Kickstart Accelerator

July 11st 2018

We are very proud to announce, that microPow has been selected as one of only eight startups in the food vertical of the 2018 Kickstart Accelerator. We are looking forward to further refine our business case and a lot of valuable input from experts and many fruitful collaborations with industry partners. See you in Kraftwerk in September - November 2018.

Project kick-off

April 1st 2018

The official kick-off of project microPow was on April 1st, 2018. The project is funded through an ETH Pioneer Fellowship for 12 months until 2019.

Our operational team


Dr. Pascal Guillet

Food Process Engineer
Business development

Dr. Lea Pokorny

Food Process Engineer
Product & process development

Advisory board


Prof. E.J. Windhab

Professor ETH Zürich
Food Process Engineering

Dr. Peter Braun

Swiss Food Research

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